Development - Khai Thác

Directors: LÊ BẢO TRUNG
Screenwriter: Đỗ Ngọc Trí
Ước mơ vô địch – Wishing dream

The film tells the story of a poor boy's journey to find the dream of becoming a talented soccer player.
Hieu is a 13 year old boy in the poor countryside in the West, working as coconut picking and pomelo picking. He juggles the ball, kicks the ball, dribbles the ball with a grapefruit.
Once, Hieu saw a poster about a national football club's player selection competition. The boy desperately asked his mother to come to the city to participate, but the answer he received was no because they did not have enough money to participate in this selection.

So he decided to use his money and ride a bike to the city to join
Along the way, the things he saw and the people he met helped him chase his dreams and noble family values.

Actors: find actors who interested in character and matching
Producer: Nguyễn Thiện Khiêm – Phùng Thị Huỳnh Chân
Director: Lê Bảo Trung