Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Peter Pham
Screenwriter: Phương vỹ
Diệp Vấn và Tiểu Long Nữ - Once upon a Kung Fu story

When Ip Man - an orphan boy from a young age - falls in love with the same girl, Thang Luxury also loves that girl - that girl is the daughter of a family raised by ip man since childhood, he has to decide. His love or nurturing care of his family!
IP Man is a good martial arts guy, raised by Thang Luxury's family from a young age. Growing up, Ip Man became a friend and bodyguard of Thang Luxury. When meeting Tieu Long Nu, they both love her. Tieu Long Nu wants to cheat Thang's money, but loves Grandmaster Ip Man. Thang Luxury forced Ip Man to choose between himself, or Tieu Long Nu!

Lợi Trần, Trương Thế Vinh
Producer: Bích Trang
Director: Peter Phạm