Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Trương Chí Bình
Screenwriter: Diễm Thuyên
Đầu gấu – Bully:

Released from prison after 20 years, a bully veteran decides to live in peace. After that, he accidentally saved and helped a young girl addicted to drugs his age. This relationship causes him to fight a young bully in a dramatic fight that causes a real tragedy.
When the war is imminent, the veteran bully must decide to STOP or END. If the viewer chooses TO EUREURE, he has to see the girl he loves being killed, another wise way if he decides to FIGHT, he will kill the young man who is actually the boy he himself is. I created it before I went to jail many years ago. If the viewer does not choose either, the movie will lead to END then the girl is killed.

Actors: Lâm Minh Trí, Dế Choắt, Quý Ân, Ngân Hoà, Dương Cẩm Lynh
Producer: Lê Bảo Luân
Director: Trương Chí Bình