Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Bùi Văn Hải
Screenwriter: Wrap Party Narrateam
Ma nữ - Female ghost

Being with the crew filming in a mountainous area where there were many rumors about ghosts, a production designer decided to discover the truth. Many psychic and paranormal incidents occurred that caused him to roam around the grave land, encounter and even talk to a witch.
Found unconscious in the graveyard, he was advised to leave the TREE and return to the city to rest. If the viewer makes him STAY DISCOVER, he will discover a gang of criminals specializing in grave digging to rob. If the viewer makes him GO, on his way back to the city, he will be kidnapped by that criminal gang and become dangerous. If the viewer does not choose either, the movie will act as GO.

Actors: Tiến Nguyễn, Quỳnh Lương
Producer: Trương Chí Bình
Director: Bùi Văn Hải