Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Trần Bùi Lộc
Screenwriter: Diễm Thuyên ​
Khoái cảm – Pleasure

When she was sexually abused by both men and women, by the age of 30, Hoa only liked to masturbate and hated sex with any sexual partner. One day, she met a man who made her feel that it was time for her to think about a husband and children.
When that man speaks love to Hoa, she needs viewers' help to tell the truth about her difference in gender and REFUSE, then the man helps her discover her basic instincts. copy and then they come together. Or ACCEPT without sharing secrets and feel confused, ashamed, and misled because of all the friction between men and women. If the viewer does not choose, the incident will lead to Hoa ACCEPTING a couple with the man but having trouble with the relationship later.

Actors: Cast
Producer: Trương Chí Bình
Director: Trần Bửu Lộc