Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Aaron Toronto
Screenwriter: Phil Wyatt & Lam ​Vissay, Aaron Toronto
Four supposed strangers captured by a masked man are locked in a room and forced to play a game of life and death testing their morality.

Nghiệp – Seizure

4 people wake up in a locked room, trapped. There is only a TV and four vials of liquid on a table, two of a different color than the other two.
Oanh and Vy realize they do know each other - Oanh is the best friend of Vy’s little sister, Mai.
And as Khang hits on them, they realize he is the playboy who just had a fling with Mai, who cut her wrists when he broke up with her and is now in the hospital.
Their captor then comes onto the TV, and he tells them they’ll play a game that tests their moral character - some may die, or they may all survive. Or all of them may die, depending on their choices.
The game is simple - they will be chosen in turn to drink one of the vials. They must follow his instructions at all times. If not, the punishment will be severe...
Khang is chosen to drink first. He refuses, as he doesn’t know what’s in the vial. After he refuses, gas seeps into the room, and they all fall unconscious.
When they wake, the man says that was a warning. The next time will be deadly. They will each in turn get to choose who takes the next vial, starting from youngest, moving to oldest. Oanh is to choose first.
The man allows them to get to know each other more before they begin. Oanh realizes that Binh is her father’s co-worker, who framed him and got him fired so he could take his job. Now Oanh’s family is in a dire financial situation. Oanh says Binh is an evil man.
Now it’s time for Oanh to choose. Who will she give the vial to? What will happen to the person who drinks? And what will happen in the next turns after that? Who will live and who will die?

Thanh Mỹ, Châu Bùi, Song Luân, Đức Thịnh
Producer: Son Pham
Director: Aaron Toronto