Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Hoang Vinh
Screenwriter: Taek Lee
Vâng, tôi làm được 

A story about 2 boys. A guy who is about to die in 3 months has life insurance worth 1 billion VND and the other person is helping this guy until his financial death is up to 500 million VDN to take the other 500 million VDN.
Mr. Tran, over 50 years old, is dying of cancer and was sentenced to death by a doctor. He has a lot to do before he dies but has no money. He asked his friends around but everyone said "No." for him because he is dying. One day, he happened to discover he had a life insurance worth 1 billion dong. He posted a few notes saying “Investing money is good. 50% interest within 3 months. "And Nim expressed interest. The deal is very simple. 1. Nim used up 500 million for him before he died and received the rest of the insurance money. 2. Nim has to say "Yes, I can do it!" for everything that Tran asked for. Tran said, "Yes, I can do it!" Their comical relationship began like this. Tran started asking Nim a lot of strange things. "I want to eat my favorite pho at the Starbuck in front of my house", "I want to have a private dinner with my favorite Korean female idol. "Etc. Nim did everything for me for the past 3 months but Tran is still alive. Nim spent more than 90% of Tran's insurance money and now Tran wants a trip to Alaska to see the glacier. Nim. I wanted to say no but was afraid of losing all my money so far. "Yes, I can do it .." On the day of departure, Tran packed up his luggage and smoked while checking the lottery ticket on TV Suddenly he lost consciousness Nim opened the door of Tran's house and found Tran lying motionless.

Quang Minh, Tiến Luật, Song Luân, Liên Bỉnh Phát, Jun Phạm, Ngô Kiến Huy
Producer: Jada Hải Phong, Nguyễn Hoàng Vinh