Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Son Pham
Screenwriter: Son Pham
Người ngoài hành tinh Đà Lạt – Dalat space

A young girl lives in the countryside of Da Lat and is fascinated by the above stars. One day, on a stargazing adventure, she found a spaceship deep in the woods of Dalat.
Linh is a native girl living in the deep forest of Da Lat with her parents being peasants. Her night sky is full of bright stars and every night, she walks through the forest to gaze at the stars. One night, she finds a spaceship. An alien in human form asked Linh if she wanted to accompany her to her galaxy. Will Linh leave with the aliens to another galaxy? Will Linh stay on earth with his family?
In the middle (10 minutes), Linh discovered the spacecraft and the alien female. The alien shows Linh a glimpse of her galaxy and asks if she wants to visit it. Linh choose to go or stay. Audience will have 10 seconds to help Linh decide. If the audience doesn't choose, the female alien leaves Earth aboard her spaceship.

Mai Cát Vi, Trương Ngọc Ánh
Producer: Sơn Phạm
Director: Sơn Phạm