Development - Khai Thác

Directors: Trần Thanh Huy 
Screenwriter: Son Pham
Tay đấm – The boxer

A boxer has to choose between revenge for his comatose sister or forgiving a boyfriend who made her comatose.
A young fighter fights in underground fighting clubs to earn money to take care of his comatose sister. When it comes to finding out that one of their opponents is the one who made his sister go into a coma, it's time for the audience to make a decision. q Revenge, the fighter kills his opponent. For forgiveness, the fighter does not kill his opponent.
In the middle (10th minute), after realizing that his opponent is the one who made his sister in a coma, the fighter must choose to take revenge by killing or forgiving the opponent. Viewers will have 10 seconds to help the boxer decide. If the audience does not choose, this fighter will automatically continue to fight and beat the opponent.

Actors:  Kiều Minh Tuấn, Hiếu Nguyễn, Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc
Producer: Sơn Phạm
Director: Nguyễn Tường Nguyên Phương