Development - Khai Thác

Screenwriter: Son Pham
Mê tình – Love Passion

Luu Duong - a young business owner in the tourism industry who is on the verge of developing his career, is tricked by his rival company to cause problems in business and face many difficulties in life. Duong could not resist and had to stop the plans that were going into bankruptcy.
During the retreat back to Duong's hometown, she met Thuy Chi - an apprentice reporter who wrote a lesson plan on the beauty of history, culture and landscapes in the motherland of Duong. As a local and passionate about the job, Duong was wholeheartedly helping Thuy Chi without caring about her current life and difficulties. Duong and Thuy Chi had very happy and happy days when two hearts and one passion were brought together by the days of studying culture and tourism. Fortunately, Thuy Chi has successfully implemented the lesson plan and was awarded a national certificate of merit. Out of admiration for Duong's sincere feelings, Thuy Chi was moved and fell in love with him, deciding to help him start a business because she is the daughter of the chairman of a large corporation (a, b, c, d). At this moment, Duong knew Thuy Chi's identity, and the other group company was the rival's company that used to play tricks that made him lose his career, both being self-conscious and afraid of being famous with rival company Duong refusing to meet, deliberately making it difficult for Thuy Chi. Thuy Chi's family prevents him from communicating with Duong.
Love will touch the heart when the other person empathizes and finds each other between passion and life

Opyion 1: Thuý Ngân, Trương Thế Vinh
Option 2: Kim Tuyến, Lương Thế Thành
Producer house: Cyclo films
Director: Hiếu Cao