Development - Khai Thác

Thần tượng – Idol

Minh Huong - Tomboy is in 12th grade. Personality and passionate about games. Want to become a famous gamer and enter showbiz like Pew Pew's idol. That is why the relationship between father (Master Hung - teaching history) and children is increasingly distant. Minh Huong believes that he is old-fashioned, imposing when he prevents me from playing games and dreams of becoming a celebrity.
Minh Huong was fortunate enough to be the only winner, to be able to participate in "a 1-day experience with Pew Pew". Here, Minh Huong opens her eyes to the scale of the entertainment company and the idol's life requires a team, education and professional skills, difficulties in being a celebrity. Minh Huong understands that her love of games and dreams are too much wrong, and at the same time Pew Pew opens up a real person. masculine figure. Everyone is unique, if you find yourself you will shine”. Since then, Minh Huong abandoned the image of TOMBOY and found the hidden artistic ability. But Minh Huong was extremely surprised to discover that she was deceived because what Pew Pew said and did recently were all his father's arrangement.

Actors: Trương Thế Vinh or Pew Pew (streamer), Quốc Cường or Quang Minh
Actress: Nhung Gumiho
Producer house: Cyclo Films