Development - Khai Thác

Luật trời – The law of heaven

Phuoc Scar is a dangerous murderer who is being wanted by an order. He must live a life of hiding like rats in a sewer. One day by chance, Phuoc Seo watched a talk show on TV of famous plastic surgeon Mai Huong. Apparently she is an excellent and extremely intelligent person. Phuoc Scar judged it and he came up with an intention
After preparing everything, Phuoc Scar was ready to stay outside the Beauty Salon. He controlled Dr. Mai Huong to tell her that her 5-year-old son was in his place. Doctor Mai Huong has to do is to have surgery to create a different face for Phuoc Scar.
For the safety of her son, Dr. Mai Huong agreed to perform face surgery for Phuoc Scar.

After 1 week, removing the bandage, Phuoc Scar was surprised. In the mirror was a handsome face. Couldn't be more satisfied. He thanked Dr. Mai Huong and released Mai Huong's son. In his new appearance, Phuoc Scar will be captured or not.
Option 1: A few days later, what he could not expect was the intelligence of Dr. Mai Huong. She used the handsome face of another criminal who is also wanted to operate Phuoc Scar. Phuoc Scar was arrested.
Option 2: While enjoying a new handsome face and attracting the attention of many girls. One day on the road he was beaten to death by a mob of gangsters. It turned out that this face was like a mistress of a famous boss's wife. The boss discovered that his wife had adultery and let the person to kill the guy

Expected actors:Thái Hoà, Cao Thái Hà, Hứa Vĩ Văn
A film by Vu Dinh Giang