Development - Khai Thác

Tiếng thét đêm mưa – The screams of a rainy night

Mr. Bung (45 years old) is a senior long-distance truck driver. He lives with his wife and son, who have dropped out of college, working at a gas station in a small town. One night of pouring rain, Mr. Bung drove his truck home in exhaustion for a long distance. After a bend, crossing the iron bridge, starting into town, his eyes kept twitching. Suddenly the truck bounced up as if hitting something. He was startled to brake quickly. After calming down, he got out of the car and looked toward the road behind. After a drizzle of rain, something was lying motionless on the street. Probably a wild animal, or some calf. He should have come to see what he just hit. But he was too tired. He got in the car and returned home. In his heart, he thought that he had run into someone, not an animal. But no one will know that. Heavy rain will erase all traces. Or maybe it was just a wild animal. He was worried, nervous, confused. What was that stuff under the car, what was it, what was it?

Option 1:
The Regional Police and the resident of his area appeared. Mr. Bung thought his guilt had been discovered. But that part of the road is not a residential area, there is no street light or camera, there will be no evidence of his death. The rain also erased all traces. He also examined the car very carefully. Just talking home early is an offender. Just keep your wife shut because she knows you just got back. But is she your wife? She also doesn't want to go to prison. After tell his wife like that, Mr. Bung opened the door and pretended to snore. But not. The ancestor announced. Hai, the only son of Mr. Bung, had a traffic accident at the corner of town, near the iron bridge. Police said Hai died on the way to the hospital. If discovered earlier, Hai would have been cured. If Mr. Bung would check again what he really had, if he didn't try to hide it ... He didn't kill his son ... He dared not face his wife's empty bewildered eyes. is looking at him. She knew well, why Hai died

Option 2:
A shame weighed heavily on Mr. Bung's heart. The foolish child he used to disappoint is trying to save someone. And he is just a sinful irresponsible coward.
Outside the door, an old man with blood on his body was carried by Hai. He reported seeing the old man lying on the street. Probably had a traffic accident. He called his mother to get warm water to take care of the old man and then called an ambulance, but the rain was heavy so the line lost connection. Hai asked his father to drive the old man to the hospital.
Expected actors: Phở, Đức Thịnh, Kiến An, Xuân Phúc, Thanh Thuý
A movie by Cao Cường