Development - Khai Thác

 Mối tình đầu – First love

Hien is a young female student in a long term relationship with her boyfriend, Hung, whom both fell in love since high school. Hung proposes to Hien but Hien’s been keeping a big secret from him
Hien and her first love, Hung are entering adulthood. With Hung being hired as a manager of a big law firm and Hien graduating from college, Hung proposes to Hien but she’s been keeping him a big secret from him all this time. Hien was born with HIV.
Will Hien tell Hung the truth?
Will Hien lie to Hung to keep her happiness?
At the midpoint of the movie (10 minutes) Hien must choose to tell Hung that she is HIV positive or keep her secret. The audience will have 10 seconds to help Hien make a decision. In option 1: Hien will tell the truth.
In option 2: Hien will keep her secret in order to marry Hung.

Actors: Châu Bùi, Song Luân
Production team:
Son Pham
Aaron Toronto
Fam Central
Non La Films
Daylight production